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Re: MS Office Macintosh font doesn't appear in FM 7 on Macintosh


Unless that font is installed in the "Classic Mode" font
directly as well as where it is actually is installed in one
of the MacOS X font directories, neither FrameMaker (any version)
nor any other Classic Mode application will be able to "see"
the font.

        - Dov

At 9/21/2003 11:34 AM, Peter Gold wrote:
>The Book Antiqua font that's installed with MS Office X appears in all OS X
>applications like TextEdit, and Adobe products - Acrobat 6, Illustrator,
>Photoshop, GoLive 6, InDesign 2 - but NOT in FM 7 running under Classic.
>I can't find the font file to place in any or all of the four (4) font
>locations so that it might appear in FM 7.
>Any suggestions?
>Peter Gold

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