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Re: Futura fonts

Acrobat NEVER uses a "local font" in lieu of a font of the
same name embedded in the PDF file. On the other hand, you
can instruct Acrobat to ignore any local fonts for text
in a PDF file that is formatted in a font that is not embedded!

        - Dov

At 9/16/2003 08:01 AM, Rhea Tolman wrote:
>Futura is a font that has been around for a long time. There are a lot of versions of it out there. In the old days of classical typography, the more-or-less official Mergenthaler version was oversized, meaning that if you set it solid (10 on 10 for example), the ascenders and descenders would touch. The x height and caps height were larger than normal.  In the 90s, a "regular" version became available in which the letter size was more usual.
>I've been bitten by this Futura problem before.
>Did you embed the font in the PDF?  I thought that if you embedded the font, that the embedded font would always be used for display. Is it possible that Acrobat uses a local font if it finds one, in preference to the embedded one?
>Rhea Tolman

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