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Re: Futura fonts

Christy & Scott,

Perhaps you can provide some additional information about exactly
what fonts you used, platform, etc. 

"Futura" is a name for a series of fonts available from a number of
sources, including but not limited to Adobe.

At Adobe we are not aware of any "problems" of any type (pun intended)
in use of any of the versions and styles of Futura that we license.
Please feel free to send me any PDF sample that you believe may exhibit
such a problem such that we can help you determine what the problem is.
I would assume, by the way, that you embedded the fonts in the PDF file,

        - Dov

At 9/16/2003 06:17 AM, Scott White wrote:
>We have used Futura and we had problems as well. We nixed that font.  
>There are so many other fonts that work just fine we said, "Why bother."
>On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 10:28  AM, Christy Graul wrote:
>>Hi all. I am new to the list, so I apologize if this issue has already
>>been discussed. Our group is creating a new Frame templates and we would
>>like to use Futura fonts. We send our documents out as PDFs and want to
>>make sure that all our users will be able to view this font. We have done
>>some testing and so far, only one person has had trouble seeing the font.
>>When they opened the PDF in Reader 6.0, the Futura font was hard to see
>>(jagged edges and blurry). Has anyone else has an issue with this font?
>>Could this be a problem with Reader or do you think it is a font issue?
>>Thanks for your help!

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