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Re: Slightly OT: first-time laptop/OSX switch

At 8:34 AM -0600 16/09/03, Bart Windrum wrote:
>As far as I've gotten to date, besides a dismayingly long list of 
>hardware, accessory, and software upgrade buys, is:
>- when operating off a 12v system use a decent inverter and keep the 
>laptop battery installed for smoothest, safest power

  You'd never want to take the battery out unless you were swapping 
it. It's your UPS. No experience with 12 V systems powering my 
PowerBook, so I can't say.

>- consider a 256M USB flash drive for project backup in primitive 
>locations to conserve the power that hard disk and CD drives require

  Could be fine. I carry a FireWire drive (32 Gig IMB Travelstar in a 
small case smaller than a video cassette. And an iPod. Depends on 
what you want with you. If you want your backup, and a spare system 
in case of emergency, then the FireWire drive is a good way to go. 
The 2.5 inch IBM mechanisms and the iPods are both powered over the 
FireWire bus, so you don't need a power brick.

- web

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