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Win2k stability (was RE: Recommended OS for FM6)

Allen Schaaf wrote: 

> I run Frame 7 at work (contracting for IBM) on a W2K machine and 
> Frame regularly crashes - 3-5 a week. Soft crash, but annoying.
> At home I run both Frame 6 and 7 on 98SE and never (almost) have 
> a Frame crash or a system crash.

Well, this is totally irrelevant to David Schor's query, since he's
asking about which OS to choose for a _new_ computer (Win98 isn't an
option). But I can't resist challenging Allen's diss of Win2k. 

At work, I run Win2k. I don't shut down at night, just log out.
Typically, I go at least 30-60 days between reboots. When I do reboot,
it's usually to install or update something (I know -- I should be
checking for critical security patches more frequently, but...). 

Heck, during big doc pushes (I just finished one), I typically have FM,
PSP, Acrobat, and Distiller all running continuously for a couple of
weeks or more, often with 20+ FM files open all the time. Meanwhile, I'm
opening and closing Visio, Word, Excel, Project, IE, Outlook, etc.,
etc., as needed. The last crash was FM on 3/9. I don't recall the
circumstances, but I didn't reboot, just restarted FM. No problems
since, and only a couple of reboots (to install critical updates). 

If you're crashing either Win2k or a usually-stable app under Win2k on a
regular basis, something's _seriously_ _wrong_ with your system. Allen
mentions being a contractor, and contractors frequently get stuck with
whatever box is available, often one with a shady past. Was this PC
upgraded to Win2k (instead of getting a clean install)? Was it once used
as a dev test bed? Is it seriously misconfigured? Could there be
hardware problems, such as flaky memory or motherboard? 

I don't know. But here's what I do know: the idea that Win98, properly
configured, is more reliable than Win2k or WinXP, properly configured,
is nonsense. 

"It's my opinion and it's very true." 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
rgcombs AT freeDASHmarketDOTnet

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