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RE: Recommended OS for FM6

At 03:12 AM 9/11/03, David Schor wrote:
So far, it seems to be WIN2K 3, WINXP 3. Of course, Dov's advice 
always carries a lot of weight in my mind.
So, do we go to "extra innings?"

This is an area where I disagree with Dov, and most others for 
that matter.

I run Frame 7 at work (contracting for IBM) on a W2K machine and 
Frame regularly crashes - 3-5 a week. Soft crash, but annoying.

At home I run both Frame 6 and 7 on 98SE and never (almost) have 
a Frame crash or a system crash.

However, I will admit that it took me a while to get that 
stability. I gutted the registry of all the c#$%, dumped 
FastFind, deleted or modified all desktop.ini files, including 
the hidden ones, put in a hosts file with 4000 lines, ripped IE 
out of the OS (I know, people will say it can't be done without 
destroying the OS, but Australians know better - 
http://www.litepc.com/), dumped WSH, Netmeeting, all the 
registry hooks to AIM, AOL, AOM, etc. I also use JV16 to mangle 
the registry the way I want it, eliminating all the autostart 
programs except my firewall, the system tray and the base 
explorer (the window manager - not Windows Explorer).

I understand why corporations want W2K, but I see too many 
permissions problems and other strangeness. Yesterday, for 
example, the machine decided that it was a network computer and 
would not boot locally, only from a network point that did not 
exist. 2.5 hours later I got it to boot properly and allow me to 
log on to the domain. Two different tech support people and 
myself struggled to solve the problem. When tech support finally 
solved it, it was by disconnecting it from the network, booting 
as a standalone, then adding back the network, piece at a time.

FWIW, I'd put the time into cleaning out the registry on a 98SE 
machine and let it go at that for the moment.


In any case, until we order the computer and it arrives on our 
premises, I
have time to work this out with our systems people. I was sort 
of hoping
that there would be a more decisive slant towards one option 
over the other,
making it easier to decide which is better for working with my 
tools, FM and Acrobat.

In the meanwhile, thanks so much to all of you who answered me. 
It's great
to be part of a wonderful resource community such as this one.


David Schor
Technical Publications Manager
Tel: (+972) 9 959 0006
Mobile: 054 788 253

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If you getting a new PC, you might as well use Windows XP Pro.
Make sure you have the Pro version, not the dumbed-down "home"

         - Dov

At 9/10/2003 07:31 AM, David Schor wrote:
 >Forgive me for asking this question, which has come up before. 
However, the
 >Archives simply are not opening today on my computer.
 >I also have gotten approval for the purchase of a new PC, and 
am now
 >out my purchase request form. The advice of Dov Isaacs and 
others has been
 >very useful in convincing my supervisor to approve the more 
 >specifications. However, I don't know whether to specify the 
OS as Windows
 >2000 Professional or XP. Today, I work with WIN2K Pro.
 >So please advise me what the recommended OS would be.
 >I work primarily in FM6 (waiting for FM8 to upgrade) and 
output to Acrobat
 >5, with additional tasks in CorelDraw 9, PaintShopPro 6, 
RoboHelp X3 (I
 >sometimes create Helps w/o printed docs) and the desktop video 
 >that our company produces. Please let's not get into a 
discussion about the
 >pros and cons of this mix - these are what I have and that's 
 >Thanks very much,
 >David Schor
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 >VCON Ltd.
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