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Criminal Activity (Was: Who are these people?)


To answer the question posed in your email subject ... one word

Whenever we see these offers (or new versions of same) of receive
copies of them forwarded to us from members of the list, we forward
them along to Adobe's legal staff at <piracy@adobe.com>.

They do follow-up on these as best as possible.

One thing is very certain about these offers. Not one of them is
going to result in you obtaining a legal copy of any Adobe product!
According to our legal staff, responding to one of these "offers"
will most likely result in:

(1) A "home burned" CD-R with a copy of the designated program
with a license ID. You are told that the software is an "OEM version"
from "Eastern Europe" and that you should not even try to register the
product. The reason you are told that is that the same license ID is 
used by that particular pirate for all copies "sold" of that particular
program. If you do attempt to register the product, you will very likely
hear from Adobe's lawyers. And even if the program installs and runs,
you will not be eligible for any technical support or upgrades in the
future. And you cannot be assured that updates that you download from
Adobe won't subsequently disable operation of software running with
such pirated IDs.

(2) You get nothing, but your charge card is debited for the
price of whatever you have ordered.

(3) You get nothing but a case of identity theft.

We do try to pursue these criminals as best we can. Many work offshore
in either Asia or Eastern Europe. There is nothing we can do to preempt
their email to you. You can do your part by simply not responding to 
their bait.

        - Dov

At 9/5/2003 06:57 AM, Mary Rita Muller wrote:
>Are any of you out there receiving emails for Adobe s/w from
>www.buysusa.com? If so, who are they? Here is a list directly from the
>email they sent to me. The prices seem ridiculously low and border on the
>"too good to be true" side. Any thoughts?
>How about you Dov, and any other Adobe people monitoring this list? Don't
>know about you, but these kind of offers scare me. Do I have reason to be?
>I need to upgrade my Acrobat at home and you're suggestions are much
>>>All of our software is brand new and 
>factory sealed. All full versions not 
>upgrades. All with original licenses. 
>Order now while supplies last
>Photoshop 7.0         $49.99
>Go Live 6.5           $49.99 
>Premiere 6.0          $49.99
>Illustrator 10          $49.99
>Acrobat 6.0 Pro      $99.95
>PageMaker 6.5       $49.95
>After Effects 5.5     $49.99
>Stream Line 4.0       $49.99
>In Design 2.0         $49.99<<

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