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Re: Using epilogue.ps to control the page a PDF opens to

You could find the information you are looking for in the PDFMark
manual (as a PDF file) that comes with Acrobat.

        - Dov

At 9/3/2003 03:45 PM, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
>I've found a few messages from early July and microtype.com's information
>about the bug where PDFs created from Frame 7 open the beginning of the last
>chapter. I'm using Frame 7 for a real project for the first time (and
>starting to regret it) and don't want to have to change how the PDF opens
>every time I create it.
>Based on the messages from July, I gather that I have to put some postscript
>code into the epilogue.ps file, but even with the information from Eric and
>Shlomo, I still have no idea of the proper syntax to get the file to open to
>the first page.
>I've looked at adobe.com for the Portable Document Format Reference Manual
>as referred to in the Acrobat help to no avail. The huge postscript guide
>(912 pages) I did find was no help.
>- Does someone out there no the exact syntax for the epilogue.ps file to get
>a PDF to open to the first page?
>- I'm also a little unclear about where the epilogue.ps and prologue.ps
>files need to be. Do I need to move them from their current location which
>is c:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\Distllr\Data?
>I'd appreciate some hand-holding on this one. Thank you!
>Linda G. Gallagher

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