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RE: Color tiff graphics in Frame turn b/w in PDF

At 9/3/2003 01:33 PM, Kay Robart wrote:
>Well, actually, I have this problem even if I print to the distiller printer
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>From: Richard Combs [mailto:richard.combs@voyanttech.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 3:23 PM
>To: Ann Hastings; Free Framers
>Subject: RE: Color tiff graphics in Frame turn b/w in PDF
>Ann Hastings wrote: 
>> I have some color tiff files copied into a Frame doc. They 
>> look fine in
>> color onscreen and when printed out.
>> But when I distill the doc into PDF, all the color graphics 
>> are displayed in
>> black and white!
>Dollars to doughnuts you're using a physical laser printer driver
>instead of a Distiller printer instance created using the Distiller PPD.
>You don't mention platform or software versions, but one possibility is
>that you're using the Save as PDF command and don't have FM7 (the first
>version in which this command works properly). 
>In earlier versions of FM, the Save as PDF command created the
>PostScript file for Distiller using whatever is your default printer
>instance. Typically, that's the LaserJet or similar black & white
>printer down the hall. The result is no color -- among other harmful
>If you're not using Save As, make sure you change the printer to Acrobat
>Distiller in the Print dialog.  

The only other possibility is a misconfigured driver. Check to see if somehow
your driver either under preference=>paper/quality AND defaults=>paper/quality
is improperly has its "color" setting to "black and white" instead of "color."
The default (even for non-color printers, surprisingly enough) is "color" --
if this is set otherwise, it would have required someone manually mucking with

        - Dov 

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