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Re: Color tiff graphics in Frame turn b/w in PDF

At 9/3/2003 09:36 AM, Ann Hastings wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have some color tiff files copied into a Frame doc. They look fine in
>color onscreen and when printed out.
>But when I distill the doc into PDF, all the color graphics are displayed in
>black and white!
>I have looked through a whole bunch of your e-mails on graphics and graphic
>formats, and learned a lot, but not the answer to this question.
>What can I do to make them display in color?
>Ann Hastings


The ONLY way in which this can happen is if you are improperly creating
PDF by distilling PostScript generated for a monochrome printer.

The acceptable methods of PDF generation include (1) save as PDF in
FrameMaker 7, (2) printing to the "Acrobat Distiller" or "Adobe PDF"
PostScript printer driver instances (depending upon platform and
version of Acrobat, (3) same as (2) but to "FILE:" and distilling
the resultant output.

Images coming out in grayscale instead of color would occur if, for
example, you created PostScript by printing to a "Generic PostScript"
of a "LaserJet 4000" printer driver instance.

        - Dov 

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