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Re: XML cookbook questions

First of all, thanks to everyone who've shared their opinions and
experiences of different ways to specify formatting in the EDD.
I've learned a lot!

In a previous message, I said:

> As a result, I've written my own overview of XML with FM, together with
> a revised set of steps to run through the XML Cookbook in FM7.

I have now finalized this document, which contains a 4-page overview
of FrameMaker's handling of XML, and a 7-page revised instruction on
how to work through the FM7 XML Cookbook. I'm thinking of making it
publically available, but would like to have a few people checking
it for correctness and ease of understanding, as I've just started
using XML in FM. Both experienced users and newcomers are invited.

Please let me know in private email if you're interested in having
a copy to review and comment upon.

> I think I've come across another bug in the cookbook files:
> The finalized XML file in the Completed folder seems to use the XML tags
> with a different case compared to the original files and the DTD.

It's actually much worse... The finalized XML file is a "fake" XML file
using the *FrameMaker* names of elements, attributes and attribute values
specified in the Read/Write rules, instead of the original XML names.
Unless I'm completely misunderstanding things, such an XML file cannot
be created by FM and cannot be valid according to the DTD.

> I was aware of the possible errors in the cookbook files, but when I
> checked, the files in my installation didn't contain the reported errors.
> Perhaps they've been corrected in later "builds" of the FM7 CD?

Yes they have, and the corrected files also seem to be part of the
FM7 patches available from Adobe.


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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
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