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Frame & OT fonts in Classic (Mac)

Well, just got off the line with tech support at Extensis.

Apparently, neither Suitcase nor FontReserve can make OT fonts active 
in Classic. The only way to do it, it seems, is to place the desired 
fonts in the Fonts folder of the System 9 folder. This will make them 
accessible to all applications, including in OS X.

But this also means that they are always active. You cannot use a 
font manager to activate or deactivate them. You have to do it 
manually, by selectively taking them out or putting them in. (That is 
the definition of a 'PITA.')

Having recently purchased the Adobe Type Classics for Learning, and 
enjoyed all those Pro opticals sets, I find this especially 
irritating. (Graeme, if you haven't bought this, take a look; it is 
one of the most amazing educational discounts around.)

If Frame is not OS X compatible by the next upgrade, I think this is 
the end of the line for me.

(InDesign 3, it is rumored, will have a story editor, and with enough 
computing power, that may be enough.)

Victor Caston

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
75 Alta Road
Stanford, CA 94305

t:	+1 650 321 2052
f:	+1 650 321 1192

e: 	vcaston@ucdavis.edu
w:	http://philosophy.ucdavis.edu/caston/home.html

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