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Re: No-print colors "print" with PDF


You wrote:

>Here's a note from a colleague. I've never PDF'd docs with no-print 
>colors, but
>didn't think it would work any differently than printing to a printer, since
>we're talking about a PostScript process. I had suggested to her that they use
>No-print colors for margin notes, since she said they had writers who 
>forgot to
>turn off Conditional Text.  ...

The "Don't Print" setting in a color definition specifically relates to
*printing color separations* from FrameMaker -- such colors do not
appear on any printed plate (but may appear cut out on other plates).
Colors defined as "Don't Print" will show up in regular print/PDF output.

Suppressing specific colors from being displayed *and* printed can be done
through "Color Views", but this will still requires toggling from one view
to another to show/hide the specific colors (which may not provide a
benefit over Conditional Text if the only reason for using this technique
is avoiding the need to turn the notes on/off).

Shlomo Perets

MicroType * http://www.microtype.com
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