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No-print colors "print" with PDF

Hi All,

Here's a note from a colleague. I've never PDF'd docs with no-print colors, but
didn't think it would work any differently than printing to a printer, since
we're talking about a PostScript process. I had suggested to her that they use
No-print colors for margin notes, since she said they had writers who forgot to
turn off Conditional Text. Here's what happened:

"I experiemented with the "Don't print" Colors. I created a new color
definition and applied it to a character format. I then created a text
box with words in it and then printed the document - it did what it was
supposed to do - it didn't print. But, when I went to .pdf it, it
appeared on my document, big as Dallas.  Is there something that I
missed? Or maybe the Don't print color will .pdf anyway? Can you check
on that and let me know?  Thanks."

Anybody know anything about this?


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