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Re: trouble distilling a visio file.


"Adobe_cshow" is a PostScript procedure name associated with
font rendering ...

I don't think the problem has anything to do whatsoever with
Visio per se, but rather with something to do with a bad font
interaction with driver and/or Distiller.

Tell me some more about the fonts being used in your Visio diagram.
Perchance, are you using a font such as Arial Unicode or Lucida Unicode?

What Windows service pack are you up to? You should be on SP4.

        - Dov

At 8/13/2003 11:26 AM, Jon Harvey wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have a Visio 2000 SR1 file I am trying to import into Frame 7.0 (Win 
>2000). I am using Dov's procedure (that I found in the archives) as 
>"When you print to the "Acrobat Distiller" printer instance from 
>Visio, you get a PDF file, not a PostScript file. Open that PDF
>file in Acrobat, crop to suit, and save as EPS from Acrobat (TIFF
>preview, PostScript 3, all fonts embedded). Photoshop is a raster
>program. Opening anything in it creates a device-resolution dependent
>raster image file."
>I have tried to print to Acrobat Distiller 5.05 with no luck. Instead of 
>getting a PDF to save as EPS, I get the following error that appears in 
>the distiller window:
>%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: Adobe_cshow ]%%
>%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
>%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%
>Distill Time: 1 seconds (00:00:01)
>**** End of Job ****
>Any thoughts I why the Visio file won't go to PDF?

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