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Phantom "Font Installation Errors" message?

Does anyone have any experience with, or fixes for, phantom "Font 
Installation Errors" on startup?

I'm using Frame 6.0p357 on Mac OS 10.2.6, and for the past few days, 
almost every time I start up Frame, I get a "Font Installation 
Errors" message, which lists a series of "Bad Font Suitcase Files," 
all for Palatino.

I checked it with Extensis Font Doctor (I'm using Extensis Suitcase 
10), and the Palatino files are just fine. Once I even bothered to 
reinstall fresh from the original copy, and the same problem came up 

If I simply reboot the computer, the problem goes away, on the 
initial run. But then it comes back again.

It doesn't seem to affect anything functionally, but it is annoying.

(The only other weirdness, perhaps unrelated, is that after booting 
the computer, the first time I open a file in Frame, it reports the 
fonts as missing. But if I close that file and immediately reopen, 
all is well.)


Victor Caston
University of California, Davis

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