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Re: Frame files present different Print>Duplex UI (some won't duplex)

I think you need to bring the book to the front, then do "Page Setup" to 
select the printer and page style. You may also have to do that for 
individual files.

Another thing that might help is to start the Desktop Printer utility & 
make sure the options (duplex etc) are right.

You may also want to try the LaserWriter 8 driver instead of AdobePS, just 
to see if anything changes for the better/worse.
Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
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Bart Windrum <bart.windrum@DiogenesInc.com>
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07/23/03 01:57 PM
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        Subject:        Frame files present different Print>Duplex UI (some won't duplex)

Addendum to the below, first posted with the title "HP
Printing>Layout/Duplex UI differs from FM file to book file":

after posting the below I opened the main "guts" file in the book, 
to have the UI and be able to duplex the file. Surprise!, it presents the
non-duplex UI print>layout panel. All the generated lists plus inside 
and rear cover files are duplex-able. But the front cover, a single page
file, presents the same problematic limitation. This is very weird; is 
some Mac-user-accessible file attribute controlling this or is it an odd

> I thought my printing troubles were over after we obtained an HP 
LaserJet 8150
> from another office (replacing the damn Mita clone copier). Hah!
> Mac OS 9.1, Frame 7
> AdobePS driver 8.8.0 (301)
> PPD: HP LaserJet 8150 Series v1.0 (2000) (recently downloaded from HP's 
> -- a casual perusal did not discern a more recent version)
> Printer setup includes duplex unit=installed and more than 72MB ram.
> From Acrobat 5, and for FrameMaker _layout_ files, the print dialog's 
> pane offers a two-sided option. When selected this option further offers 
> choice of binding sides via 2 large buttons depicting either portrait or
> landscape binding (actually, I presume the real setting is what in 
printing is
> called either head-to-head or head-to-toe verso/recto orientation). 
> under this scenario proceeds as one would expect: a) the job spools 
> and b) duplexing occurs page-by-page/sheet-by-sheet automatically.
> BUT: for Frame _book_ files the print dialog's Layout panel UI changes 
and so
> does the job execution:
> - something called a Transverse option appears just above the two-sided 
> (what does this mean/do?)
> - the options associated with two-sided no longer have do with binding, 
> rather with machine output (face up, face down, for each side 
> - rather than duplex the output page by page, the printer prints all the 
> sides (obviously I'm supposed to stand there and shove this wad all back 
> for the rear side)
> - despite background printing set, the job ties up the Mac, ala 1987.
> Someone _please_ tell me I'm not gonna have to PDF a work-in-progress to
> duplex print a book directly from Frame in one process...

Bart Windrum
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Diogenes Inc.
Denver Colorado USA

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