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wrapping text around tables and images with captions

FM 7 Mac OS 9.1

Two questions:

Is there any way to wrap text around a table in structured FM so when 
saved as SGML the content of the table is preserved in the SGML with 
the rest of the document?

I've been able to wrap text around a table if I create a new text frame 
and insert the table inside that text frame, but then the table 
structure is disconnected from the rest of the document and not saved 
in the SGML.

Also, is there any way (without using a single-cell table) to have an 
image caption aligned to the left side of the image no matter the 
images alignment (left, center, right) to the page?

The only way I've been able to do this was with a single-cell table, 
but then the surrounding text doesn't wrap around the image (question 

In case this helps - I'm taking word docs and applying style names, 
opening them up in FM, structuring them with a conversion table, and 
saving them as sgml (some RW rules). Run a perl script to do some 
clean-up and at that point I have the following sgml for tables and 


<data>blah blah</data>
<data>more blah</data>

<anchoredframe file="the_image.gif" [other attributes]/>
<caption>this is my caption</caption>




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