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Re: wrapping text around tables and images with captions

At 06:45 PM 7/17/03 -0500, Wes Juranek wrote:

>Is there any way to wrap text around a table in structured FM so when 
>saved as SGML the content of the table is preserved in the SGML with 
>the rest of the document?
>I've been able to wrap text around a table if I create a new text frame 
>and insert the table inside that text frame, but then the table 
>structure is disconnected from the rest of the document and not saved 
>in the SGML.

  I don't understand what you mean by wrap text around a table. However,
when FM exports SGML (or XML), it exports the content of a single flow.
You are correct that any structured content, including tables, of structured
flows in other frames is not exported. An FDK client could be written to
export the content of the other frame within that of the main flow.

>Also, is there any way (without using a single-cell table) to have an 
>image caption aligned to the left side of the image no matter the 
>images alignment (left, center, right) to the page?

Again, I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what you want. Look at
different anchoring positions for the anchored frame containing the
images (e.g., run into paragraph, or at insertion point). If you
put the caption and graphic in the same FM paragraph, you can control
the alignment by setting the paragraph alignment and perhaps using
tabs. You might also look at side heads.


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