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Re: DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics=On (was RE: Monospaced font (CRT emulation))

Simple. The inter-word and especially the inter-letter spacing looks
more "even" on the lower resolution screen if set to "off". With "on",
to adjust to the printer spacing across the line, some spacing between
words and especially letters may look either a tad too crunched or too

        - Dov 

At 7/17/2003 09:02 AM, Mary_Hall_Sheahan@fla-whq.com wrote:

>Before they set their maker.ini files, my co-workers want to know if there
>is any advantage to keeping the "off" default setting.  Was there some
>hidden reason the programmers chose that setting?  Is there a tradeoff,
>perhaps in speed, reliability, etc?

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