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ANN: Download Logitech MouseWare v9.421

Get your mouse's scroll wheel to function in FrameMaker by downloading Logitech MouseWare

INFOCON is pleased to announce the availability of MouseWare, v9.421, for download from our website at http://www.infocon.com/.  This is the last version that supports scroll wheels within FrameMaker, but is not the most recent version Logitech has released.  The download is offered simply as a convenience to others, and INFOCON makes no warranties or representations of any kind regarding this software.

The link is on the homepage to retrieve this self-extracting ZIP file, (approximately 4.3 MB).  This file was provided through the generosity of Mike Wickham at Pleco Press (http://www.plecopress.com) and we thank him.  

Many users in these forums have complained that the scroll wheel does not function in FrameMaker, but does work in other applications.  The mouse drivers in this package enable scrolling in FrameMaker and we have tested it in FrameMaker/FM+SGML 5.56 and 6, and FrameMaker 7 with mice from Logitech, Kensington and Microsoft, and found no problems in Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP.  We did not do any checking specifically with other applications, so "caveat emptor" for your own environment.

While we believe that this will work with most scrolling wheel mice, INFOCON does not make any representations or guarantees to that effect. Please be aware that there may be unintended consequences, and this may not support all the features or capabilities of specific mice (especially newer models).  Also as this is the product of Logitech and not the currently available version their website offers, support is probably not available from any source.  Use at your own risk.

-- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley              Email: lsmalley@infocon.com
 Information Consultants, Inc.  Phone: 302-239-2942 FAX: 302-239-1712
 Hockessin, DE  USA  19707      WWWeb: http://www.infocon.com/

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