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RE: This file is protected...


Dov is correct when he says a protected file cannot be re-distilled directly
from a .ps file after printing etc but this is if there is no human
intervention at the .ps stage. The .ps file is just a .txt file per se, so
the blocks of encryption (and there are many of them scattered throughout a
file) can be replaced with an appropriate statement that will then allow the
.ps to be distilled creating an unprotected PDF.

Obviously there are potential ramifications of removing the encryption
without the appropriate permissions (and why someone would give them is
beyond me) but it is technically feasible.


Bruce Ashley

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> At 7/14/2003 09:02 AM, Jan Henning wrote:
> >>Is there a legit way around this besides contacting the
> company and going
> >>through 3 weeks of answering "why?"?
> >
> >I can think of two (although the second one may be
> stretching the definition of 'legit'):
> >
> >1) If you can print the document, print it to PostScript and
> distill into a new PDF. The content will be the same but the
> protection gone.
> >
> >2) There are tools that can crack PDF passwords. Sorry, I
> don't know the names (anybody?) and I'm not sure how reliable
> they are, but they exist. Unprotect the document with one of
> those tools, save it, and you should be able to import it.
> >
> >Hope this helps
> >Jan Henning
> Jan,
> NO! If you have a protected PDF that you can print to PostScript,
> the Distiller will NOT distill such PostScript. There are protections
> in there to prevent refrying of protected PDF.
>         - Dov
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