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Re: ANN: Download Logitech MouseWare v9.421

Caveat emptor for sure (nothing personal, Lester). As I wrote several 
months ago, installing one of Logitech's earlier mouse drivers totally 
trashed my Win2000 OS. I have still not recovered fully from that and am 
limping along because I don't have the time to reload several dozen 
software applications. My system backup (Onstream tape) was designed to 
give me total disaster recovery, but it turns out that it doesn't restore 
registry settings. Therefore, my data files were preserved, but all the 
personal system settings for each software app were lost. They are the ones 
that take SO much time to hone!. To make matters worse, Onstream closed its 
doors within a week of my crash so there is no product support. I have 
spent the price of a new computer just for a IT consultant's help trying to 
get my system back up and running. I cannot begin to estimate the income I 
lost during all the down time.

So unless you absolutely HAVE to have that scroll wheel, my advice would be 
to wait until you get a new OS or a new computer and do it then.


At 03:13 PM 7/16/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>  We did not do any checking specifically with other applications, so 
> "caveat emptor" for your own environment.

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