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Re: Programmatically autosizing tables

Hi Karl,

You should definitely look into FrameScript for Windows ($149 USD,
http://www.framescript.com). You could write a script that would open the
MIF files, resize the tables based on the criteria you set, and then save
them back as MIF, or FM. See the Scripts page of my web site for more

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267

> FrameFolks:
> Somebody much smarter than me asks:
> I'm using the MIF format to publish documents dynamically from a database.
> One issue I'm running into, is that there can be arbitrary text which I
> to format into tables.  By using a TblTag, I can reference a table format
> from
> the catalog which has the appropriate properties, but I'm having
> with
> the sizing of columns.  Because I don't know what text will be in it, I
> don't
> know how wide a column should be.
> 1.) Does anyone know of a MIF directive which will autosize them for me so
> they
> don't run off the side of the page?
> Alternatively, I know that macros are available in the UNIX
> version--unfortunately, we're
> working under Windows.  One possibility would be to create the mif, send
> to a UNIX
> FrameMaker, write a macro which could search for each occurrence of our
> TblTag, and
> then use Table > Resize Columns... to resize each one-by-one, before
> it as mif
> so that it could be taken to the Windows version (which is all we have at
> this point).
> 2.) Does anyone know whether a Win->Unix->Win round trip is clean and
> for
> instance, diff(1) or cmp(1) as equal (when nothing's been done).
> 3). Is this idea possible to implement with a macro?
> On the other hand,
> 4.)***Does anyone know of a better way which I haven't thought of?
> Thanks in advance for help.
> Karl Schmidtmann
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