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Programmatically autosizing tables

Somebody much smarter than me asks:

I'm using the MIF format to publish documents dynamically from a database.
One issue I'm running into, is that there can be arbitrary text which I need
to format into tables.  By using a TblTag, I can reference a table format
the catalog which has the appropriate properties, but I'm having difficulty
the sizing of columns.  Because I don't know what text will be in it, I
know how wide a column should be.

1.) Does anyone know of a MIF directive which will autosize them for me so
don't run off the side of the page?

Alternatively, I know that macros are available in the UNIX
version--unfortunately, we're
working under Windows.  One possibility would be to create the mif, send it
to a UNIX
FrameMaker, write a macro which could search for each occurrence of our
TblTag, and
then use Table > Resize Columns... to resize each one-by-one, before saving
it as mif
so that it could be taken to the Windows version (which is all we have at
this point).

2.) Does anyone know whether a Win->Unix->Win round trip is clean and would,
instance, diff(1) or cmp(1) as equal (when nothing's been done).

3). Is this idea possible to implement with a macro?

On the other hand,

4.)***Does anyone know of a better way which I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance for help.

Karl Schmidtmann

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