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What do you use for on-line help creation?


We write technical documents in Frame and make them available in print and
on-line in PDF. We'd also like to source them into on-line help available
through our Java-based GUIs that front our software system. The GUIs run
on Windows and Unix. We've looked at JavaHelp as a means of preparing the
help screens. We built a feasibility demo on Windows and it runs correctly
on Windows and Unix. Looks good. Press the help button on the GUI and the
help window pops up. Navigation from there is easy using hyperlinked text
prepared in HTML.

Seems the help content should be in HTML. We have WebWorks, at least the
standard edition that comes with Frame 6, as a means of converting Frame
documents to HTML (though currently our documents are written in Frame
5.5.6 and we haven't yet been able to convert those). WebWorks seems the
way to go for preparing content. Javahelp has nice, convenient
capabilities for organizing the content as hyperlinked pages (although we
haven't yet looked at licensing issues).

WebWorks Pro includes templates for JavaHelp. Is that a good way to
prepare help content for JavaHelp? 

Do you use any other means of generating navigable help screens in Java
GUIs? How do you prepare content? Can you source your current
documentation? How do you do that? As HTML output?

What do you recommend?

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