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Re: White text on dark backgroud ...


First of all, you can do a refresh by doing CTRL l (that is the letter
l, not one).

Secondly, if the problem is only a screen refresh problem, then there is
no real problem other than buggy screen behavior.  The questions are: a)
how does it look after you refresh and b) how does it print out or
distill to PDF?

Thirdly, an easy way to do white text on colored backgrounds is to
create an appropriately sized table, even if just one cell, and anchor
it where you want it.  Fill the cells with color.  Type some text in the
cells; use Paragraph or Character Designers to change the TEXT COLOR TO


Tony Waghorn wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Frame 5.5 on UNIX. I'm trying to type
> white text over a dark blue background (a frame graphic)
> but as soon as I type the whole line turns white, until I
> refresh the screen by clicking on the scroll bars.
> Any ideas? or is there a better way to do backgrounds?
> Thanks,
> Tony
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