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Re: Character map

At 11:23 AM 1/11/00 -0000, SIDDLE, Steven wrote:
>I am using Framemaker + SGML to create text. The problem is that I would
>like one element/tag to generate a suffix which is defined on my PCs
>character map as ZapfDingbats character Alt+0227. Unfortunately when I key
>this code into the EDD it is not the correct character that is dispayed in
>the final document. It's possible that Framemaker has its own unique code
>for this character but how do I find out what it is (and, for future
>reference, other characters on the character map)?
1. In the suffix rule, did you include a subrule that specifies the Zapf
Dingbats font for the suffix character? If you didn't, then the resulting
prefix in the "final document" will contain the atilde character (), which
is the ANSI number 227 character in the Standard Character Set.  

2. The on-line manual for Character sets tells you the ANSI number, the hex
code, and th key sequence for entering upper ASCII characters, using the
Standard Character Set, the Symbol Character Set, or the Zapf Dingbats
character set.
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