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Status of the InFrame Compression Question

Dear FrameMaker Colleagues,

Thank you to all those who replied. It was very, very helpful.

The status as I write this:

*>  We will provide all native FrameMaker template files in both zIpped format, .zip,  (for Windows pc and NT users) and in stuffed format, .sit, (for our beloved and put-upon Mac users). It also looks like we will be able to provide standard Unix (and Linux) compression.

*>  We will also provide compressed mif files of the same FrameMaker template files in both .zip and .sit formats. Again, Unix (Linux) may be provided.

*>  These files will be mirrored at http://www.frame-user.de due to a very gracious offer of Bernhard Schulze for the efficiency of FrameMaker users outside North America.

More details will follow as the time approaches. We will make sure our site has all the necessary information to make this work for you.

Thank you all for your interest in InFrame!

Paul K. Schulte
InFrame Production Manager
Visit us at:

To contact me directly at:


     or for some email browsers:


(You'll note this is different from the address I use to post to Framers.)

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