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Re: Right-alignment causes buggy word spacing in Frame 5.5.6?


You did not state which platform you are on (PC, Mac, Unix) nor whether
the spacing problem exists only on-screen, on-printout, or both.


Randy Burgess wrote:
> I'm a relatively new user of Frame (version 5.5.6), and I'm wondering if
> I've found a glitch regarding word spacing: If I right-align text via
> either a right-aligned tab stop or right alignment for the entire
> paragraph tag, the
> word spacing goes to pot if any long words occur in the text. The longer
> the word, the bigger the gaps between words. Tinkering with the word
> spacing parameters in the paragraph designer doesn't fix the  problem;
> nor does tinkering with stretch, spread, or hyphenation. The only fix
> I've found is replacing spaces with non-breaking spaces, which addresses
> my immediate need (how to create decent looking right-aligned footers)
> but doesn't explain the larger failing.
> Anyone run into this before? Is there a double-dog-top-secret setting
> somewhere that addresses this?
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