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Re: [FrameSGML] An entity problem...

At 01:22 PM 1/6/00 -0700, Callaway, Rebecca wrote:
>Hi - 
>In my SGML application, I have some special characters, such as "$" (dollar
>sign) and "=" (equal sign) which belong in a parts list.  When these are
>written to SGML, they become "&dollar" and "&equal".
You do not have an "entity problem". The behavior you observe is the correct
behavior. The characters you mentioned, as well as ampersand, greater/less
than, and many others which appear on a standard keyboard, must be
represented by entity references in SGML document instances.

Normally, the first statement in your read/write rules file should be:
        #include "isoall.rw"

This invokes all of the ISO character set read/write rules files (those with
a .rw extension) in directory isoents during FM+SGML import/export operations.

In addition, your DTD must include declarations and invocations (as external
parameter entities) of the corresponding PUBLIC ISO character set entities.
These PUBLIC character sets are defined in the files having a .ent extension
that are contained in directory isoents.

You should also be aware that any special characters in the ISO character
sets that are created using the symbol font must always be expressed as
entity references. In order for FrameMaker to produce the proper entity
references on export to SGML, you must have, in the character catalog of
each structured FM+SGML document, a character tag named FmSymbol which
specifies the Symbol font. This character tag must be applied to each and
every character that uses the symbol font.

There are many nuances relating to character entities, and most are either
omitted or poorly explained in the Developer's Guide.

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