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Question: Making native FrameMaker templates available fromInFrame

Dear friends,

We have someone who has most graciously offered to publish templates via InFrame for the larger FrameMaker using community. He has agreed to write up the explanatory material, but for users to get the most out of these templates, users need to be able to download the native FrameMaker template files.

Our question to you, dear readers follows.

We can compress the files in both the Windows and Mac formats, namely zipped Windows files and stuffed Mac files. As a Unix user myself, I have access on my Sun to a utility that unzips the files just fine. My colleague at InFrame, Dennis Hays, reports Open Vue under SCO Unix also had "unzippers." I am fairly certain that most of the major flavors of Unix, and I would include Linux, should have similar freeware/shareware utilities to be able to access these compressed template files.

At the moment, we cannot make ftp a viable option. We will update you if this becomes a possibility.

So, the question: Will these methods suffice to make these FrameMaker templates available to you, dear readers? Please respond, either on-list of off, within a week.

Thanks for all your interest and support of InFrame.

Paul K. Schulte
InFrame Production Manager
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