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Re: Can Anchored Frame Have Borders

> Interesting piece I learned this summer
> (What's that about old dogs and new tricks???)
> If you select an imported graphic, you can use the tools palette to put a
border/outline/frame on it.
> 1. Open the tools palette.
> 2. Select the color you want for the outline.
> 3. Select the imported graphic.
> 4. Select the "outline" option on the palette, and set it to solid.
> 5. Select the line width and set it to 1pt. (or what you will)
> Voila!
> Note... I've noticed that sometimes you have to re-click on the outline or
the line width to get it to "stick", but that's not a big thing.
> I would imagine that it would be easy to framescript this process.

With a FrameScript script, you can change default properties for imported
graphics. For example, you can have the graphic or anchored frame
automatically assigned a 1pt rule when you import it. Other defaults, such
as anchored frame alignment and position, can also be set automatically upon

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267
FrameScript Information at http://www.mindspring.com/~frameexpert

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