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Linux FrameScript

Welcome back, Bradframers!

...However as with everything you can write a FDK program of a FrameScript
script to do it.
I use Framescript to do this, I must get into FDk some time - unless
Frank is going to port FrameScript to Linux.

Marcus Streets

Yes, Frank, by all means, port FrameScript to both Linux (and Solaris, please), but Linux first!

Craig "Hace mucho frio aqui" Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores

"From chilly Minneapolis, where winter finally arrived yesterday just in time for Christmas. Right now we have temperatures in the single digits with wind-chills around twenty-five below. There's only about an inch or so of snow on the ground so we have not yet named the drifts (this so we can say "Hi!" to them every morning for the next few months). But that will come. That will come."

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