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Marker checking utility

You have probably noticed how easy it can be to assign a marker
the wrong marker type. For instance, let's say you're inserting
index markers in a document. Between two index markers, you
double-click a word with another marker that happens to be,
say, a cross-ref marker. The marker type has now changed in the
marker dialog, and if you don't remember to change it back 
yourself, you'll be inserting cross-ref markers with index entry

This can happen for any marker type. How well does the IXgen
plug-in handle this: are there any checks on marker text syntax
or something helping you to use the correct marker type?
Would it be useful to have a generic marker checking utility,
that would warn you if a document contains marker texts that
doesn't comply to or "look like" the corresponding marker type?
Or isn't this perceived as a problem by FM users?

Let me know what you think, and what you would like such a
marker checking utility to actually check and warn about.

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