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import graphics problem

Here's a strange problem. I've bben using the same Win NT/FM
configuration for two years now, creating GIFs of screen shots in
PaintShopPro and importing them into FM docs, no problems. Today,
everything has gone wrong. All the GIFs I created today look fine in
PaintShopPro but when I import them into FM (into chapters that have
lots of similar GIFs created and imported in the past just fine) all
the screen shots have the title bar white with no text. Also, in some
of the text boxes, text has disappeared. I have racked my meager
brains but no solution is in sight. The only thing that I've changed
since the last time this worked OK is my socks. The hardware/software
everything-lese-ware is exactly the same.
Any ideas?
                              Alex Ragen
       Certification and Technical Publications Manager
                Check Point Software Technologies
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