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JOB: NJ, Technical Writer/Sr. Technical Writer; Telco Software Manuals

DSET has an immediate need for a technical writer; we'd like to find
someone who can start work and hit the ground running before the end 
of the year. As a happy employee, I'll tell you now that in MNSHO, 
DSET is a way cool company to work for.

The job description and contact information are below; please do NOT
respond to me! 

Respond to:

Judith Garefino
Human Resources
908-526-7500, x1294

>    The candidate will be part of the team responsible for
>    designing, writing, and maintaining technical documentation
>    describing the use of DSET's telecommunications software.
>    You will work closely with the software development team
>    and other technical writers. You will compile information
>    drawn from requirements documents, technical discussions,
>    and software product. You will supplement the information
>    and edit for grammar, style, and format. A BS/MS in
>    Technical Writing or equivalent technical writing
>    experience is required. Along with strong knowledge of
>    UNIX, Windows NT, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, WebWorks
>    Publisher or other online help development tool, experience
>    converting documents to HTML and PDF formats, excellent
>    writing skills and ability to understand and convey
>    technical information, with the capability to multitask and
>    remain flexible under changing release dates. Experience
>    with programmatic interfaces, or Java, C/C++ code, an
>    understanding of ClearCase, and with graphics: creating and
>    placing screen shots; creating simple technical drawings;
>    creating flowcharts and presentations are a plus. Respond
>    to Dept #TW-NJ Job location: Bridgewater, NJ

Linda Sims, Ext 1278
Technical Writer
DSET Corporation

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