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Re: Errant Fonts and Adobe Bashing

This discussion has burned up a lot of bandwidth, generating more heat than light, I'm afraid.

Here at the company that "Los Jugadores" use as a playing field, we ran into missing font messages a lot with our PC users. I figured the IS guys who installed the software screwed up now and again and simply forgot to install the fonts sometimes. Then we found out that simply having a postscript printer selected as the current printer solved these problems for many common postscript fonts.

It seems that the 35 "standard" postscript fonts installed in most PS printers announce themselves when you have these printers selected. The users with problems had selected the PCL flavor of the HP driivers for our printers. The PC system inself does not have to have the font installed on it.

So either the driver or the PPD of a PS printer (one that includes the "standard" 35 fonts) is enough to solve the missing font problems. I suspect it's the driver, but maybe one of the Adobe folks who read this can enlighten us.

I've never had a user encounter a missing font problem for any of the 35 standard fonts when producing a PDF using Acrobat 3.01 or 3.02 with the Acrobat PPD and the Adobe 4.2.6 driver. Can I assume that this configuration of a Distiller printer "finds" the standard 35 postscript fonts in a similarly to our other PS printer drivers?

Now I recall that the new improved Acrobat 4 doesn't include Times and Helvetica... (but we won't get into that.)


Craig Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores
"Somos de Minnesota"

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