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Indexing (was RE: Opinions about FM (long))

Geoff Lane wrote:

>From my perspective (I'm a Frame newbie), maintaining Frame indexes is a
>hideous task.  FWIW, it takes me two, three, or more times as long to update
>an index in Frame as it does in Word or WordPerfect.  The reason for the
>extra time?  --  you can't see the index tags inline.

If you use Frame on a Mac, I've written an AppleScript that displays
all index entries for a single file (not all files in a book, that's
a *major* project) and allows you to search for and edit text inside
entries. Let me know if you want it & I'll send you the source code.

Things I'd like to figure out how to do -- delete entries and jump to
an entry's location. Maybe when we get 5.5.6 and I can take advantage
of fcodes.


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