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RE: Acrobat 4.0.5 on NT

That same buggy driver is currently part of Windows 2000 as
it currently exists as a "release candidate." Adobe is working
to get a fixed driver into the final shipping Windows 2000 or
as an immediately-available "hot fix" from Microsoft (or
possibly Adobe).

         - Dov

At 11/17/99 10:29 AM , Craig Ede wrote:
>I suspect that the "publishing unfriendliness" that is designed into NT is a big part of the problem and that the hope is that everyone will quickly upgrade to Win2000 in short order once it is officially released. I can sympathize with the sense that developing for a flawed platform is futile when the replacement is on the horizon.
>Los Jugadores Bazutadores
> >>> "Banttari, Ananda" <Ananda_Banttari@sdsi.com> 11/17/99 11:28AM >>>
> > For those of you picking up a copy of Acrobat 4.05 for Windows, 
> > note that the product will automatically install the AdobePS 5.1.1 
> > driver on WinNT4. This is the same 5.1.1 driver that fails to create 
> > PDFs with links from FM 5.5.6.
>Good grief. So I had to pay $99 for an upgrade, then $20 for a patch 
>that causes *another* bug. Has anyone checked whether or not 4.0.5
>actually works with the 5.1 driver??? And are there ANY plans to 
>release a 4.0.5 (4.0.6?) that does NOT include the buggy driver? How 
>much is that going to cost?!?!
>Can we please get the Acrobat people, the Frame people, and the 
>PS driver people all in one room to talk to each other???
>in annoyance and frustration,
>Ananda Stevens

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