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Re: missing font

I recently encountered the same problem. In serching for the culprit, you
presumably availed yourself of, Crtl-F->CharacterFormat->Shift-F8 {Times-Roman}.
In my case, the font was hidden in the
footer on two master pages as well as in the text lines containing the names
assigned  to
assorted frames, on the reference page.

Also, consider how you want to use the 'remember missing fonts' option under


Michael Heine            mheine@internorth.com

> Ron Nelson:
> ... I have a chapter that has been recently modified.  Now when I open I get a
> message
> that I'm missing the Times-Roman font.  Strange thing is we've never used
> Times-Roman.  Even stranger, the FrameMaker Console tells me that, yep,
> Times-Roman will be used during this session.  I've tried searching for
> Times-Roman to no avail.  I can't find this missing font anywhere,

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