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RE: SUMMARY: FM+SGML vs. Arbor Text....yeah, but can it do THIS?

Any search for SGML&XML tools should start at "The Whirlwind 
Guide to SGML & XML Tools and Vendors", 


If you want to have to have integrated editing and composition, 
FrameMaker+SGML is an obvious choice. I think you have more options 
if you are willing to select different tools for editing, 
page composition, and storage management.

There's an editing environment that is as overlooked as 3B2: 
Documentor. Take a look at Documentor and other products and 
services from Excosoft,


Documentor is fairly complete as an SGML&XML authoring tool, with 
quite sophisticated features for linking. For page composition, you 
will have to supplement with something else.

Me, I like editing with emacs + psgml. Tables are difficult, though. 
And I really look forward to something that handles Unicode well.

Kind regards,
Peter Ring

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