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Re: Fonts, Mac <-> PC

>Jay Smith wrote:
>> Thanks Carolyn,
>> I did not know about this program (Crossfnt).
>I believe it's a Windows program, so it would be for situations
>where the conversion has to be done on a PC.  And that's all I
>know about it.

I'd be curious as to how this worked.  Font files on a Mac have nothing in
the data fork.  The entire font is in the resource fork.  PCs don't
understand Mac resource forks, so if you copy to a PC from a Mac, the
Resource fork gets nuked, and you're left with nothing (a file does show up
on the PC, but it has 0k of contents).  If you create a "Mac font" on a PC
and copy it to a Mac, then it would be seen as data and not recognized
properly on the Mac.  It seems that font conversion tools would have to be
Mac based, but I'd be interested to know if there was a way around the
Windows limitation.

I went to the site given and couldn't find the software named, so couldn't
test it.

- web

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