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Re: Fonts, Mac <-> PC

Thanks Carolyn,

I did not know about this program (Crossfnt).

There is also (on the Mac ONLY) FontHopper.  FontHopper was bought by
Adobe and then buried -- 'I wonder why???' :-<<.  However, a little
searching on the Net will bring you to a site where it can be

And.... Soon to appear from the folks at FontLab is ...

========== START OF QUOTE

Contact: Yuri Yarmola <yar@fontlab.com>

By Yuri Yarmola on Tuesday, December 29, 1998 - 02:19 pm:

  Here is the current situation:
  1. We completed and almost prepared for a release a new program,
  TransType that works on Mac and can convert Mac fonts to PC and PC
  fonts to Mac.
  2. There will be a PC version of this program. Scheduled for Q1,
  3. Elements of TransType will be integrated in the FontLab/Mac (Q1,
  99) and in FL4 on PC and Mac.

======== END OF QUOTE

Testimonial: FontLab is the creator of TypeTool and FontLab, two
programs for editing and creating both TrueType and PS fonts.  I tried
first tried TypeTool and found that I need more horsepower -- I
upgraded to FontLab and found the answer to all my problems.  While I
had a couple technical problems because of the really trashy fonts I
started with, the FontLab folks not only answered my questions
quickly, but to take care of *my* problem, enhanced the program within
a couple of days and emailed me the new version.  They have given me
new hope in the concept of "service".

(I have absolutely no interest in any company or product mentioned
other than hoping for their continued success so that I can continue
to use enhanced products.)

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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Carolyn Stallard wrote:
> No idea if this shareware item is useful; thought I would pass it
> on for those who might need such a tool:
> crossfnt.zip - Move TrueType & Type1 fonts between Mac & PC
> "All files are available from FTP.Simtel.Net in /pub/simtelnet and its
> mirrors, and from http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/ on the web.  If you
> have questions or comments about these files please contact the
> uploader."
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