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re: [INDEX] Preceding index entries with symbols while keeping them in Alpha section

You can have the entries appear in any alpha section you wish by adding the sort 
information in brackets at the end of the entry, e.g., $debugger value[debugger 

For more information, look in the Framer's manual index under Index entries, 
sort order of (hopefully that will work in the version of the manual you have).

Hope this helps,
Dawn Perry

Ananda Banttari wrote:


>However, I need
>to have them alphabetized as if the $ symbol was not present. 
>Another, similar problem: routines that have the format "_routinename".
>they are listed as "routinename". Again, the "_" preceding the routine name
>a nice indicator, but forces them all into the Symbols section of the index
>I need to have them in the Alpha section. 
Dawn Perry
Technical Writer
National Center for Genome Resources
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