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[INDEX] Preceding index entries with symbols while keeping them in Alpha section

Hi all,

It's indexing time again. Our index has a large number of "debugger
variables" entries.
Right now, they are listed as "what_size debugger variable ##" in my index.
I would 
like to do *something* so I do not have to include "debugger variable" in
each of these
entries (but hopefully indicate in some way that these are debugger
variables as 
opposed to commands, for example). One solution would be to include a $
before the debugger variable, since this is one possible standard. However,
I need
to have them alphabetized as if the $ symbol was not present. 

Another, similar problem: routines that have the format "_routinename".
they are listed as "routinename". Again, the "_" preceding the routine name
a nice indicator, but forces them all into the Symbols section of the index
I need to have them in the Alpha section. 

Suggestions, anyone??

Many thanks,
Ananda Banttari
Tech. Doc. Specialist (and primary indexer), SDS

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