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preparing color docs for commercial printer

Hi gang -

More color questions!

1. I've been working with my printer to iron out the kinks in our
documents before they are printed. Several of our docs have spot color
in them for some text and shaded heading bars. I've never done color
docs defore, so am learning as I go. Naturally, our printer doesn't have
FM, but I've been working with someone in their pre-press dept and we
think we're close to figuring things out. Per their direction, I've
defined a color and selected a color library and defined it to print as
Spot color. One thing that has us perplexed however is why the color
model drop down box isn't grayed out when Spot color is selected.
Shouldn't the color model option apply only to process color? I've set
this to CMYK, but doesn't FM ignore that setting when Spot is selected?

2. My other question is just out of curiousity. While playing around
with the various settings, I noticed that even when the color definition
is set for Process color, the Print Separations option in the Print
window stays grayed out. I've tried changing all kinds of options
everywhere, but I can't get this option to become active. I don't need
it, as we're not using separations, but I was wondering what switch has
to be set to get this option to go live.

Any insight would be appreciated!



Chris Welch-Hutchings
Senior Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.

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