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"Document uses unavailable fonts"

A question with some urgency...

I'm running FrameMaker 5.5.6 on a Unix / Solaris workstation.

One of the chapters in a book file I'm working on causes a
"FrameMaker Alert" window to pop open when I attempt to
open it.  The Alert states: "Document named <chaptername>
uses unavailable fonts.  To reformat the document using
available fonts, click OK."

The document does NOT reformat using available fonts,
however, and unless all files are open when generating
the book, the generation fails.  Having all of the files open
is simply a workaround; I'd rather fix the problem.

Others in the department have experienced the same thing,
and the problem would appear to be related to opening
and modifying files on other platforms (both Mac and Windows
are used) and then reopening them in Unix.

Any ideas out there about how to find the offending fonts
and making them so that they don't cause this glitch?


-- Tom

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