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Re: ellipsis

Bill wrote, in part:
>If it's true, as Roger states, that "more than one person of my
acquaintance has commented that the single-character condensed ellipsis is
one of those items that characterize amateur typesetting", then those
acquaintances have not really looked very closely and really don't know
whereof they speak.  I can't imagine what they are thinking about.  The
fact is that the ellipsis character is in no way condensed in
proportionally spaced type.  In fact the converse is true!  

I recommend to any and all such individuals as Roger mentions that
invaluable introduction to the basics of graphic design and typography for
desktop publishers:
"The Mac Is Not a Typewriter" by Robin Williams (no, she's not related to
the actor).
There's an updated version for the post-Windows 3.0 users, once they caught
up with desktop publishing, but I forget the title. It's short, it's fun
reading, it's professional, and it's educational...and it goes a long way
towards preventing the publication of what we in the DTP game used to call
"ransom note" design. (Gee, now I have 9 fonts and 6 treatments each, let's
see if I can use them all in one flyer!)

FrameMaker supports the use of such quality typography as Williams advocates
because it's a professional's tool, allowing editors to save themselves
hours of markup time by having smart spaces turned on, building en-dashes
into compound figure and page numbers automatically, and other similar
touches. Now, if only Frame's spelling checker understood ligatures...

Can anyone here confirm whether switching to the UK dictionary flags
incorrectly used closed punctuation? (Closed "word," punctuation seems to be
more a US default style, while open "word", punctuation is, I'm told, a UK
default style.)


Deborah Snavely

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