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Re: Default Anchored Frame Positioning

There is no way to do what you want. Many people have complained about this.
The obvious solution would be for Adobe to add an Anchored Frame catalog in
the next FrameMaker release. This would allow you to pre-format named
anchored frames to your heart's content, and put them in the new catalog.
Then, anchored frame insertion could by accomplished by picking the
appropriate format from the catalog. The only catch to this solution is the
case where the the anchored frame is created by importing a graphic. In that
case, a new dialog box would open which allows you to pick the anchored
frame tag you want to use, in which case FrameMaker would ignore the
horizontal/vertical size in the pre-defined format, and instead would size
the anchored frame to fit the size of the imported graphic.

This solution would also help FM+SGML EDD developers, who could specify a
predefined anchored frame format in the EDD for an anchored frame graphic
element. Again, FrameMaker would ignore the predefined size if a graphic is
being imported into the anchored frame.

If there is a consensus that such a feature would be a good idea, why don't
all of us who like the idea put our names on an enhancement request and send
it to Adobe. However, since Adobe no longer has an e-mail address for such
requests, someone with a support subscription will have to send it.

At 01:24 PM 12/8/98 -0500, Mark Dykstra wrote:
>Does anyone know how to set a default position for anchored frames when
>importing graphics files into a document?
>When I import a graphic file, Frame automatically inserts it into an
>anchored frame positioned Below Current Line. I'd like Frame to
>automatically position the frame At Insertion Point.
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